My family - Lindsay and I have been together since 2004, married in 2007. We also grew up in the same neighborhood. Mozzie joined our adventure in 2013. 

My family - Lindsay and I have been together since 2004, married in 2007. We also grew up in the same neighborhood. Mozzie joined our adventure in 2013. 


It all started when...

...we were walking the beach of our resort in the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2007. Lindsay and I had just gotten married and immediately escaped to a resort to spend time together. While there we, unintentionally, started talking about owning a business together. We carried the conversation back home and tried a few things for a year or two, but then lost steam. She went back to school for massage therapy, I found a corporate job. 

Fast forward a few years and we are both business owners. Running and operating our own separate enterprises, and doing so successfully for the most part. 

But then life went through a few changes, as life tends to do. We both scaled down. She stayed home with Mozzie, and I found another corporate job. 

And then, as if approaching our tenth wedding anniversary is some kind of sign, we both decided to go back to what we first talked about on that beach in the Dominican Republic: starting a business together. 

So that is what we are doing. And that is what this website is going to document. Not just the starting of a business, but the starting of a husband and wife teamed business. And also the operation of that business. All of the fun stuff. The nitty gritty. The high level. The stress. The decisions. Everything. 

Hi there - I’m Aaron. And I’m going to be your guide. I’m 50% of this business, called Purely Simple, LLC. I am also a writer. So writing about what we are doing seemed like a natural way for me to process, learn, and share what we are doing with our business. 

This blog picks up only a week or two after we decided to do this thing together. 

The point, though, is to document and indirectly teach. Mostly to document though. But, a natural outcome of that may be that you, the wonderful reader, learn a few things along the way. A personal motto I have developed over the past few years when it comes to my writing is this:

Movement in lives. Value in life. 

That is what I want to give. I want to cause movement in lives. I want you to read what I write and decide to make a move of somekind based on what I share. And then, I want that movement, and also what I write, to bring value to your life. I want you to change through what you read. 

And the specific change I hope to provide through this site: starting a business. 

Maybe you have done this before. Maybe not. But maybe you have always dreamed of starting a business and never had the push or guts to get it moving. Or maybe you just didn’t know where to start. I’m here to help.

But hear this! I am not an expert! I have two failed business attempts, more depending on how you count them, and more ideas written down than implemented. But through those failures I have learned so much and have paid the ultimate price…which we all pay at some point along the way. Failing sucks, but you have to get back up and apply what you learned if you are to become a success. 

I did not fail. 
I paid for a lesson.

Anyways :-) Just keep that in mind. Read what I write, digest it, process it, make sense of it, agree with it, or disagree with it, and make your own decision based on it. 

So here we go!

Use the contact form to drop me a note, or connect with me using the social media icons below. Oh, and you can visit the website we will be discussing in great detail by heading to http://purelysimple.co.

To your success,

Aaron Aiken